Whitestown Little League Baseball District 10 Championships

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Nofri's Notes - Commisioner's Blog

Updates straight from the source, the Whitestown Little League Commissioner.

*** All Star Update - A's, B12's, B11's and C's Great Night

June 28th, 2018

The President is very proud tonight!  This has been one of the most satisfying days in Whitestown Little League.  All teams competed in their games and acted with class.  The A's won 18 to 3, the B12's won 10 to 2, the B11's won 12 to 2 and the C's won 10 to 5.  This is not a great day because of the W's, it is a great day because this is what happens when you build a Program, the players reap the benefits from all of their hard work.

From Day 1 in August when the Administrators meet until days like today, there is a ton of work put into our kids to get them prepared for competing at the highest level.  I would like to thank all of our coaches throughout the season who put a lot of volunteer time in to these kids.  You see the results because of the hard work that all of our coaches put in.  I would also lke to thank the parents!  I understand that our schedules are crazy and you do the best to get the kids to Little League for the instruction that the players deserve.  Sometimes it might seem a bit overwhelming but this game teaches many life long responsibilities and character with all of the time that is put in by our Programs families.  

The Program is in great shape for the future and I hope that everyone can take time to reflect and understand that this is a process, not a right!  I am looking forward to the finish of our teams and not matter what the results will be in the upcoming weeks, with hard work and dedication we are all successful!!!  Winning is a great feeling but losing will also teach our kids for bigger and better things in the future.

Great job Whitestown Little League Program today!  It will be gone before you know it so enjoy the simple moments of success and teach your players how to handle adversity!  Thank you all for your committment to the Program!!!

Posted June 28th, 2018 by Nick Panuccio.