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Panucc's Pound - Commisioner's Blog

Updates straight from the source, the Whitestown Little League Commissioner.

*** Another Great Saturday of Baseball

May 16th, 2011

Saturday went well. A little rain didn't stop us from seeing more great baseball. Another great week for the food challenge. The Green Machine came through with Riggies, Greens and those special Rice Krispies treats. It was sooooo good as bowls of it were flying out of the concession. It didn't last past the second inning of game two.  People were trying to hide bowls of riggies or greens in their cars so they could get a taste of the the food challenge week three.

Tough call right now for who's at the top. Food TV Star Biff Stew said that this could be the next reality show. Even a  small fire couldn't stop those Hannaford parents from kickin' it up a notch. Well maybe it was kind of a bigger fire. Thankfully Mr. Barrie was there to assist and get the situation under control, I'm sure my arm hair will grow back soon, I hope. Do you think coach Stewart tried to sabotage the grill again!!!! A Big THANKS to the parents of Green Machine for their hard work. Also breakfast pizza will be a regular item on saturday mornings.

Coach Tuck standing by his claim that Green Machine is firing on all cylinders. Coach Lamanque was looking for some ice on Saturday.. not sure what happened there, I know we have ice Coach it didn't just disappear. Griff Sciotino sure likes his bubble gum. Tip - by stock in bubble gum we could all be rich at the end of 4 years. Coach Britt mowed the outfield in 12.3 minutes that has to be some kind of record.

This week is lookin', rainy lets hope we can get our games in. Don't forget to get those pictures you take at the games uploaded to the website. Just think of the family and friends that get to see those action shots and you can show off your photography skills.

Food Challenge Team up next is Whitestown Legion, what could Coach Blummy be brewing up?

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