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Panucc's Pound - Commisioner's Blog

Updates straight from the source, the Whitestown Little League Commissioner.

*** TWIB Notes - Week 3

May 18th, 2017

At this point in the season, we have 5 games completed.  This time of the year is all about adjustments!  Coaches are doing a great job of changing things on the fly, getting their teams ready and borrowing kids from other teams in order to get the games in.  This time of the year we have to adjust due to school functions, our coaches have been doing their best! Kudos to the coaches!!!

Monday’s game was between WBFD and Chapman.  WFD and Chapman Insurance met on Monday to open up this week's games.  WFD used a big 1st inning to jump out ahead and Chapman Insurance was unable to catch them.  Ethan Kahl had two hits for Chapman Insurance while Tyler Stivali and Ty Montrose had multiple hits for WFD.  One of Ty's hits was his first Little League Home Run along with an Inside the Park HR!!  The bats of Noah and Cannon Chapman, along with Nick DiCesare, Tristan Matthews also contributed hits for WFD.  On the mound, Chapman Insurance received great efforts from Carmen Centro, Devin Sawada and Nate Cencetti who was outstanding in his 1st Little League pitching experience.  WFD used Cannon Chapman and Ty Montrose to throw WFD to the win.

Tuesdays contest was between Stewart’s and Hannaford.  There were familiar faces in the lineup tonight, a few kids played from other teams to help the League get games in tonight.  Thank you to Devin “DZ” Zawada, Nico Lupia and Tristan Matthews…  They would all play every day if they had the opportunity.  Jack LaFayette pitched a complete game and got the win.  Jax Hall had his first hit of the season by hitting a triple.  The Stillwell brothers had two hits apiece; Tyler Jarvis, Carter Smith and Nick Wherle also had hits.  The hitting parade was on.  Tyler Thorngren made his pitching debut and threw two solid innings.  Anthony Scarcilli had two towering fly balls that were caught at the warning track.  Stewarts is still hitting the ball today and is in a commanding first place after 5 games. 

Wednesday was Legion and the Vets.  Legion used a combination of DaShawn Hutchinson, Jack Peterson and Brayden Czsternastek to lead their team.  Memphis Ferguson, Jack Peterson and DH all had two hits for Legion.  We welcome back Spencer Cater from the DL, he looks fresh!  For the Vets, Aidan Nutty, Jacob Collea and Frankie Trotta combined on their own to pitch solid.  Patrick Wands drove in a run with a rocket past the 2nd baseman, Devlin Zajac and Jacob Collea also had hits.  Play of the week by Luke Johnson, making a spectacular catch in center field running down a ball that was hit into the gap!

Now the mid-season matchups begin!  Saturday we will see 3 vs. 6, 2 vs. 5 and 1 vs. 4…  All contests can be viewed on the website schedule…  The other matchup games have to be played later in the season due to weather and last weekend’s cancellation.  Stay tuned and be ready for these matchups on June 2nd, June 8th and June 9th!!!  I see great things ahead in our stretch of the remaining games this season!!!

Posted 5 days ago by Nick Panuccio.